Opposition Reporting

Understanding the opposition is a key component of victory. 3rd Coast Research assists campaigns with accurate and focused analysis for both incumbents and challengers. Research is drawn from a broad range of public data, encompassing legislative records such as floor votes, sponsorships and statements, as well as campaign finance reports, press coverage, court and bankruptcy filings, property taxes, assessments and liens, and voter registration.

Vulnerability Assessments

Knowing one’s vulnerabilities is the first step in controlling them. 3rd Coast Research provides campaigns with vulnerability assessments that summarize key strengths of the candidate as well as weaknesses. These reports anticipate major attacks and provide insight into the candidate’s record.

Rapid Response and Fact-Checking

In today’s twenty-four hour news cycle, it is crucial to dispense the facts quickly and early. 3rd Coast Research monitors developments in the press and opposing campaigns and provides the factual basis for rapid response. In addition, we provide fact-checking and documentation for the campaign’s earned media and paid communication.

Fundraising Vetting

As fundraising increases, so does the risk of controversial donors. 3rd Coast Research helps campaigns, incumbents and interest groups come to informed decisions on their financial support with public records on contributors. In addition, we scrutinize fundraising lists to address sensitive situations before they occur.

Legislative Analysis

Understanding pending legislation is vital for new candidates as well as incumbents and interest groups. 3rd Coast Research provides fast, clear analysis for bills at all levels of government, including previous versions, political support, and effect on current law and status updates.