Why 3rd Coast Research?

Campaign research is necessary for effective polling, earned and paid communication. For corporations and interest groups, strategic research is a vital part of due diligence, competitive intelligence and public relations.  3rd Coast Research brings several strengths to your team:

Research when and where you need it

3CR provides research through online documents.  You always view the latest version, and can get to it quickly.  Our online document system ensures your information is secure AND easy to access, whether you’re at your desk or on your smartphone at an event.

Transparent process

Research is not a black box.  3CR gives you a better understanding of the research by showing you how we found it.  Clients can see the research as it progresses, and follow-up questions are shown with the relevant information in the online documents.

Personal Attention.

I (Will Caskey) am not just on the masthead; I am also on the ground, on the conference calls, and on the research.  I remain the point of contact for all clients through Election Day, and personally ensure my client’s research needs are met.