Do you struggle with a messy, cluttered kitchen? Are you having a tough time fitting everything in your pantry, or keeping pots and pans out of the way, or even just finding enough space to store your food and cooking supplies? No need to worry – there are plenty of great storage hacks that can be used in the kitchen to make mealtime less stressful!

1. Maximize Your Pantry

Who says you need to be limited to the built-in shelf space in your pantry? Maximizing surface area can help you store more things neatly to get the most out of your space. For example, try using things like pullout baskets and shallow or stackable drawers within your pantry. Hang a compact storage rack on the inside of the door to give small, loose items a home. Using baskets and drawers inside your pantry will also keep things looking neater and more organized – there’s nothing more stressful than opening the pantry door to make dinner and being met with a confusing mess of random ingredients.

2. Hang Pots and Pans

Most people store their pots and pans in cabinets – but what if you could free up that space to use for other kitchen items? Install a hanging rack above the sink area, or above a center island if your kitchen has one. Or if neither of those spots will work for your kitchen, take a look around and find a spot on the wall or ceiling that might do the trick. If you have enough wall space, you can even go the route of a shelving unit rather than a hanging rack. Either way, storing those pots and pans up high will free up lots of cabinet space that can then be used for something else.

3. Divide Your Drawers

It’s time to clear out the junk drawer! Consider investing in dividers to maximize drawer space and also make utensils easier to find and grab. Stop wasting time searching for the last spoon in a messy drawer filled with silverware, spatulas, pens, receipts, and who knows what else. This will not only create more space and keep things organized, but it will make meal time and cleanup easier.

4. Add Storage to the Island

What’s the use of having a big hunk of wood in the middle of the floor if it’s not doubling as a storage solution? Use that island to your advantage by making sure it includes drawers – and maybe even a wine rack to give those stray bottles a home. Avoid putting too many items on the countertops, as this creates a scattered, cluttered look. Keep as much as possible out of sight to keep home feeling clean.

If you struggle with finding enough space in your kitchen, these tips are for you! It can be refreshing to find creative ways to tidy up and make home feel more organized and comfortable. Be sure to try out some of these ideas in your home and watch your stress melt away!