3rd Coast Research provides candidates and private interests with research, rapid response and communications support. The firm has research experience with Democratic campaigns in federal, state and local elections. Additionally, 3rd Coast Research has worked with corporations, labor unions and interest groups on policy research, competitive intelligence and public affairs.

Will Caskey, Principal

Will Caskey

Will brings eight years of corporate and political research to campaign consulting.  During the 2008 election cycle, his work assisted victories in several congressional campaigns, including Reps. Donna Edwards (MD-4) and Mike Quigley (IL-5).  Prior to founding 3rd Coast Research, Will worked with one of the top Democratic research firms in the country. His experience also includes research work for Witt/Kieffer, a premier executive recruiting firm for healthcare, higher education and non-profit institutions. Will graduated with honors from the University of Southern California, and received a master’s degree in social science from the University of Chicago.

Hsu and Rezko, Office Mascots


Hsu and Rezko joined 3rd Coast Research in July 2008. They have brought insatiable curiosity and enthusiasm for hunting to the research team. In addition to monitoring all insect activity in the office, they test the suitability of all chairs, keyboards and sofas.